Porsche Sports Cup Canada - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Success through teamwork.

Porsche Sports Cup is designed for any Porsche sports car owner of any generation to enjoy driving their Porsche more spiritedly and with access to certified Porsche Driving Instructors.

Motorsport may appear to be an individual sport, but behind the scenes coaches, techs, family, sponsors and others all come together in their aspirations of growth and glory. Porsche Sports Cup is designed for any Porsche sports car owner of any generation to gain access to some of the teamwork necessary to build towards motorsport success.

Canadian Tire Motosport Park

The itinerary below will provide an idea of what to expect while participating in the Porsche Sports Cup. Each session will include an amateur, intermediate and experienced group. Once you proceed to the reservation page, proof of experience will be required to properly assign skill groups. All participating vehicles will be subject to a mandatory safety inspection at a local Porsche Centre prior to arrival at the track. Please see Event Guidelines for further event regulations.

Program Overview
Full Day

Dynamic and Track exercises
Dynamic and Track exercises

CTMP Dates:
July 3, 2021
July 4, 2021

CTMP Pricing:
$600 per participant + tax
Due to regional health regulations, non-driving guests are not allowed onsite


Training Content: Theory
• Correct seat position
• Correct steering position

• Effects of the laws of physics on a vehicle

Training Content: Practical
• Vision Skills
• Effective braking
• Correct steering
• Understeer and oversteer correction
• Weight transfer
• Slalom

• Lapping